17 February, 2017 17 February, 2017

Traveling The Miles For A Surf And A Clean Beach

Hi Zigzag team and and Tuffy bags,

My name is Justin Naisby and live in the Natal Midlands (about an hour away from Durbs!) I am a surfer and love the beach big time. As I live an hour away from the beach, when I do go to the beach for a surf I count it such a privilege to be there and value it so much more than your average dude that lives 5mins from the beach.

I have noticed lately that Durbs, my local surf spot has been looking so dirty, I decided that I had to do something about it even if it was just myself.

I was doing work in Durbs and decided to zip across to the beach and had a tough decision to make, surf or clean?!?! I opted to clean!:) I decided to rope a few people in to help me out. You will see in one of my pictures that it was actually Valentines day and I got a few of the love birds on the beach to help me out! I started out kinda mumbling under my breath what was doing but by the end of it I had a huge smile on my face as I could see a difference in my little clean up!

I would love to win a Firewire board as my wife is going to have our first baby this year and all the bucks are going towards all things the baby needs.
Cheers guys and shot for the opportunity, you guys are cool and your Mag is super rad.

Justin Naisby

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