14 February, 2017 14 February, 2017

Tackling Blue Lagoon

“What’s up Zigzag team! 

My name is Brandon Zweers.
I really dig this competition you have running! Making light of the underrated pollution that is spread along our coastline. The beach clean at Virginia Beach got me super keen to clean as much as possible! I usually walk the beach in front of Durban View with a Spar shopping packet but since you guys gave me a bunch of Tuffy bags I wanted to step theings up a bit and went for the dragons head (Blue Lagoon) by myself and armed with my iPad, a bottle of water and 3 Tuffy bags, which was not enough to even dent the amount of rubbish that is scattered around that lagoon and shore line. 
I cleaned a distance of 50m before I filled the three bags that I had bought with me, which was not what I was expecting when I made the mistake of putting so little bags into my car… 
I would like to have another beach clean up at blue lagoon where the people that come can work together to clean the lagoon and at the same time they can take pics of them cleaning the beach for this competition; if that is allowed… (Team work makes the dream work.)”

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