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Support the Litterboom Project

If social media or the general chitter chatter around the block is concerned everyone is banking on 2019 to be one helluva year. And you know what, we fully agree!! From seeing more Saffas shredding the QS, to the big man Jordy Smith bagging a world title (new year new Jordy) and the environment taking a turn toward Eco City, it’s safe to say we’re all stoked to see what the next 12 months bring!!

In order to make that a reality, many people believe you get back what you put out in this world. So if you’re looking for some sweat Karma, beautiful blue barrels and a smile that would melt the heart of a medieval executioner then you best play your part. Believe it or not, there are people out there committed to making a difference, one of those remarkable people with a story most of us have never heard is Cam Service, the visionary behind The Litterboom Project (TLP).

About the Project

Initiated in 2017, TLP was phase 1 of a solution to alleviating the increase in marine plastic pollution, by targeting the Umgeni River system, one of the most polluted systems in Africa.

Over the past year, TLP has successfully been able to prevent 11 tons of plastic from reaching the ocean through the hard work of a very small, yet dedicated team. If you’re a numbers person, check out these crazy stats related to the amount of plastic each boom successfully captured.

The project team all full-heartedly believe it is possible to engineer a brighter future where marine plastic is concerned. With the implementation of their model, the aim is to deal with the rise in marine plastic pollution effectively, steeming the plastic tide before it bleeds out into our fragile and vulnerable ecosystems.

The biggest challenge for 2019 is funding. Here at the Zag we encourage anyone who is passionate about the ocean to please contribute to this simple, yet meaningful project, to help clean up our rivers and oceans.

How it works

The physical solution is simple. A large pipe is anchored across a river, acting as an aggregating device, catching all surface level plastics- which are predominantly HDPE and PET.

This preventative measure is set up strategically where it can collect the most rubbish and where TLP team collect, sort and send the plastic off for recycling.

This solution is something that continues to evolve, however, they are incredibly happy with how much of an impact it has made on the water quality and the quantity of plastic they have been able to prevent from getting into the ocean! And you know what, I think we all are.

The Vision

To create Litterbooms and management systems throughout the whole of South Africa!

Everyone involved is confident in the model and on the back of identified recycling partners, believe they can create a meaningful impact on the ever increasing amount of marine plastic pollution flowing into our oceans.

How you can help

Your contribution can help do the following:

  • Every R50 contributed  prevents 1 bag of plastic going out into our beautiful ocean
  • Every R2000 helps place another litterboom in an identified catchment area, to make the most effective impact
  • Every R75 000 pays for 3 more booms to be installed and a team of 2 to service these on a full-time basis for an entire year! 

Be sure to follow their progress on social: ThelitterboomProject

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