17 February, 2017 17 February, 2017

Playing Super Hero – Saving Beaches

Richard Girdwood plays super hero and scoops some trash in Durban and Cape Town.

“Hi Zigzag,

My name is Richard Girdwood and I’m currently residing in Durban, 3 Landsdowne Crescent. First of all what an epic initiative to clean the beach beaches. Judging by some of the entries, we got a decent amount of harmful pollution away from the seas, its also not to cool surfing with bits of litter charging the waves with you. Please find attached a video I made. I managed to do two beach cleanups, one in Durban at Ethekwini beach/Country Club and the other on Queens Beach at Bantry Bay, Cape Town. 
Enjoy Zigzag and Tuffy!”

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