10 January, 2017 10 January, 2017

Mpande Beach Clean

Two lovely ladies helped to keep their sweet sanctuary sacred by cleaning up Mpande Beach after the New Years jol. See their entry into the Tuffy Clean Your Beach Contest below:

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“Howzit Zigzag! 

Welcome to my secret spot – Mpande Beach. 

Situated in the breathtaking landscape of the Transkei, Mpande Beach is 300m of untouched beauty stretching along the rugged Wild Coast. Mpande has been my home for just over a year now, and as aforementioned, remains mostly untouched throughout the year – with the exception of Old Years Eve. 

Apart from a couple of old cows and the odd mangy donkey roaming her shores, Mpande is devoid of humans for 99% of the year. Albeit the odd fisherman or local soccer team stopping by for a quick game on the sand. 

Old Years Eve sees more humans on Mpande’s shoreline than she has seen throughout the year. The jol is festive and lekker, with everyone getting a bit dizzy on the dop, shooting a few sneaky fireworks up amongst the stars, and stomping the night away in the sand. It’s a good time for the people, that’s for sure, but i’m not so convinced Mpande has such a lekker jol. 

Come New Years Day, and Mpande’s beauty has been obscured by layers of Savannah dry bottles, Choice wrappers, old shoes missing their partners in crime, Nik Nak chip packets.. The lot. 

It’s definitely not the best way to enter into the new year, feeling dirty as all hell. We wanted Mpande to be able to revere in her beauty again, and start her new year off afresh. 
So with the will of restoring our beach and the motivation of a wicked competition put in place by zigzag, we set off after work today on a mission! 
When we arrived at the beach, we were stoked to see that the clean up had already begun! The municipality had hired a couple of okes who were doing a fantastic job of restoring our beautiful beach in their blue overalls. With smiles on our faces and determination in our hearts to still play a part in cleaning our beach, we set off to scour the little nooks and crannies of Mpande we were afraid might be missed. 
We were able to do our small part in filling our bag and, most importantly, we were able to see Mpande in her untouched beauty once again. 

Tomorrow is our very last day in our little jungle home that has been our home for over a year now. What a great way to end our time here. Thank you Zigzag for the motivation. You guys are doing a sterling job! Stoked we got to be a part of the movement. 

Plenty love, 
Sarah Manig & Carly Sanford”

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