7 February, 2017 7 February, 2017

Making Beach Cleaning A Lifestyle

Cape Town local, Jason Hayes, has provided a steady stream of entries as he continues to make beach cleaning a lifestyle and not just a once of event.

‘Hi guys,

Still continuing picking up ‘Turtle Food’ on our beaches around the deep south…

I found myself going to the beach with a plastic bag these days and it works wonders when your wife/girlfriend is sun tanning and your groms surfing to just walk around for 20-30min collecting plastics and waste on our beaches !!!

It’s no effort at all so let’s just do it !
Nice to hear that there are people out there doing their bit aswell in keeping our beaches (and environment) clean and tidy.
There is a Kommetjie beach clean now every first Saturday- let’s hope our country’s coastal villages latch onto this !!!!

The other day we were 3 families enjoying the surf and sun on the beach and took down a bigger bag for beach cleaning…
I had the 2 other families helping and inspiring them to also part take and it was great to see how their kids also got involved and how we are educating our kids on environmental issues as they are the ones that will make this country great.

Some more pictures of litter / rubbish and junk off the beach(es). Note the plastic paper bag has been to small so I opt for the white Builders sand bag.

Jason Hayes.’

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