27 January, 2017 27 January, 2017

Looking After Cape Town

Jamie Cloete felt so inspired after cleaning his beach that he wrote a poem afterwards! Check his entry below! 
“Dear Zag
Thanks for giving me the incentive to clean up my beach! I had some great interactions with strangers who encountered me in the process. I hope it has inspired them, I will certainly do it again off my own bat!
After the cleanup I was inspired to write this poem:
Where the wind Blows
Left by careless hands it disappears
but is that really so
further up the beach it flies low across the sand
at times into the water where it rises with the tide
or covered in the dunes to be discovered by an innocent child
or perhaps a bird who tries to eat it
internal sabotage wings lifeless on the beach
it’s up to us to stop the mess before it stops us
children of nature rise up 
your mother loves you.”

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