23 January, 2017 23 January, 2017

Little Lady Cleans While Her Daddy Surfs

Maree Louw has taught her daughter, Elizora some good habits from a young age as she was cruising around picking up pieces of trash in Stilbaai while her daddy surfed. 

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“Hi there!

So happy that you are encouraging beach cleanups – drives me mad to see all the broken glass at the spots where my kids play when dad goes out to surf.

Here is some pictures of our youngest daughter Elizora helping me pick up glass shards. Unlike my oldest kids, she brings me pieces of glass instead of shells.

So although I am happy to be bringing up a little recycler, I would rather have received the shells!

Ps – this was in Stilbaai, first week of January when most of the holiday peeps were gone.


Maree Louw”

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