4 January, 2017 4 January, 2017

Father And Daughter Clean Up In JBay

When a storm drain strewed rubbish upon Jbay’s beaches, Craig Bruce used it as an opportunity to teach his young daughter about looking after your environment – and how to win a new Firewire. Read about their entry into the Tuffy Clean Your Beach contest below:
“Having lived on a small island for several years (where our daughter was born), it’s important to us as a family to teach her that resources are limited and to be the change she wants to see in the world.  Don’t rely on anybody to look after your interests.  Look after the planet by keeping it clean and recycle whatever you can.  
A heavy rain the night before meant that the storm drains had emptied rubbish onto the beaches in J Bay.  It was an opportunity to start the new year by continuing Saharah’s education by having her help fill up a Tuffy bag with the aforementioned rubbish.  It didn’t take too long until there was more trash in the bag than she could drag, as illustrated in the pic provided, and it was left up to me to to continue with the cleanup.  For this reason I feel I’m more deserving than her as your winner as she was literally unable to haul her loot more than a few feet.
Kind regards
Craig and Saharah”

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  1. Tas Horwell
    13 January, 2017 at 10:26 am · Reply

    Awesome, very good idea…

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