14 February, 2017 14 February, 2017

Double Whammy

Brandon Zweers has earned another entry as his girlfriend entered him for joining the Zigzag’s teams beach clean up. Good on ya Brandon! 

“Hi Zigzag Team! 

On Wednesday the 8th of Feb, my boyfriend Brandon and I headed down to Virginia Beach front at 4:30pm to help clean up our beach. Both Brandon and I were absolutely shocked with the amount of trash that was hidden within the dunes and along the sands. That day I was able to fill one whole Tuffy bag while Brandon filled 2 and a half! But it didn’t end there. . 
After the actual meet up to clean up, with no one but me around, he still pulled over the car to clean up some more. 
My point is, this boy is always taking care of our beaches. We usually go out and clean what we can on the beach right outside our place. Sure it’s either with a smaller packet or just shoving rubbish between our fingers and under our armpits to see who can gather and carry the most but it’s something nonetheless. If there’s anyone who truly deserves anything, I believe it’s my boy.”

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