7 November, 2018 7 November, 2018

Follow Frank Solomon on a Cross Country Coastal Cleanup Tour

At this point, we are all well aware that we need to work together to save our oceans and its beaches. A massive amount of plastic waste lands up in our oceans every year. Recent studies indicate that at least 5,000 billion pieces, weighing more than 250,000 tonnes, are now floating in the world’s oceans.  Corona x Parley for the Oceans presents a new and exciting initiative to make a real difference across the seven seas.

In addition to implementing the Parley AIR strategy, Corona and Parley have teamed up with professional big wave surfer Frank Solomon to work throughout South Africa in order to foster education and awareness around eco-innovation to clean up our coast.

The World Wildlife Fund indicates that out of the top 20 guilty parties, South Africa is the 11th worst offender in the world when it comes to releasing plastic waste into the sea (higher than India and Brazil).

In addition to this, 94% of all beach litter in South Africa is made from plastic. This calls for a need to not only provide sustainable solutions but to educate our communities, showing them that the collective actions of many can bring about tremendous change.

Before the summer holidays, Frank Solomon will set out on a road trip from Durban to Cape Town. Along the way, Frank will visit various NGO’s, marine biologists, shark specialists and other local experts, all fighting for the longevity of our oceans. These local experts will show us the shocking effects of how marine pollution is affecting our coastline’s natural beauty.

Follow the journey with Frank Solomon, Corona and Parley as they strive to make a difference right here where it matters, home!

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