7 February, 2018 7 February, 2018

Tuffy Clean Your Beach #56

If we were doing math we would be able to round up this entry to 60, but we not doing math, so it will have to stay at entry number 56. Grandad, Derek Cook, decided to give lessons not presents this holiday season by teaching his “Californian grandkids ” the importance oh a clean beach. Twins, Jack & Dylan, and their local chomma Nathan hit the beach between Cape St Francis and St Francis to help clean up, what Grandpa D describes as ‘severe pollution’. Well done for inspiring positive vibes and passing them on to your grandchildren and Nathan.  

The 3 musketeers under the watchful eye of Grandpa D showing off their impressive haul.  Below is an action shot of these little rock ninja’s, go lighties go! 

So that’s the end of yet another Tuffy Clean Your Beach entry. At the Zag we look forward to checking our readers getting out there and being stewards of a healthy and clean environment. 


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