29 October, 2016 29 October, 2016

Trouble In Paradise

Not even the world’s most deserted and isolated islands are safe from the pollution train that travels along the ocean currents. Human’s wasteful fingers touch virtually every corner of the Earth. When we imagine postcard perfect pictures of Seychelles and the likes we usually conjure up images of white spotless beaches and clear turquoise waters. However, these tropical beaches are often riddled with trash. The pollution is either directly from tourists or it has drifted in with the tides, a ‘gift’ from foreign lands.

Stuart Hablutzel works on tiny incognito island in the middle of the Indian Ocean. His submission into our Tuffy Clean Your Beach campaign has gone to show that there most certainly is trouble in paradise…


“Howsit Gents

Firstly, thanks for running such a great campaign – hopefully more companies & brands will follow your example. Missed the deadline for this last year so am super chuffed you guys are running it again.
I am currently working on a tiny island in the middle of the Indian ocean with a population of about 40 people. One of the first things I noticed when exploring the island was the amount of rubbish that has made its way to this seemingly remote part of the world. Especially on the southern more exposed sides of the island. So when your campaign popped up on my news feed, I knew there was no better excuse to go walk the beaches and try my hand at a bit of a clean up. The one thing that stood out to me was the sheer number of slip-slops that have so easily wondered from their humans. In one afternoon I counted 136. That’s 68 people who decided to lose their slops and go barefoot anyway.

Anyway, I made a video on my day off – hope you guys enjoy it & that it can inspire some others to support the cause.

Theres a lekker left which you can sort of make out in the last scene of the video. It’s begging for a Firewire to caress its curves.”

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