28 July, 2015 28 July, 2015

Taking Out The Trash

The Zag crew were so busy making a dent in the pile of litter that was smothering the banks of Durban’s Umgeni river mouth following recent heavy rains, that we barely noticed our video guy recording. ‘Junior’ did his part by filling more than 10 Tuffy bags with plenty of plastic bottles, glass and quite a few odd shoes, while the rest of Zag’s bunch filled 79 bags of trash in total.

But there’s still a load more there and on miles more of our country’s beaches. And besides the problems litter poses to the environment, we also don’t like our beach playground to look messy. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Tuffy once again to bring you our Beach Clean-up competition. Our other eco-concious partners – Firewire and Share The Stoke Foundation – will be rewarding one lucky entrant each month with a brand new board for cleaning their local beach. Now that’s lekker. Find out more here >>

Credit needs to go to the Durban Municipality, who had also sent a small army of beach cleaners to the Umgeni river mouth to tackle the mountains of litter brought down by the heavy flow.

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