24 October, 2016 24 October, 2016

Sunrise Beach Clean Up

Our first entry for the 2016 Tuffy Clean Your Beach Campaign came from Durbanite, Matthew Sutherland. With the power of social media, Matthew organised a beach clean up to tackle the mound of rubbish left after heavy rains in Durban. One Instagram post and dawnie clean up sesh with mates later and Matthew stands a chance of winning a brand new Firewire for his trip to Sri Lanka at the end of the year…

Matthew's call to action.

Matthew’s call to action.


Super stoked to see this campaign you are running online! Congrats to you and the team! We had some heavy rain in Durbs not too long ago, and after going for a wave I was shocked at the state of the beach. So, I decided to try help out and put a pic up with of an Mnandi bottle on various  social media platforms. It was spur of the moment, and pretty much a one day notice, but Durbanites pulled in and did their bit before they went to work! It was awesome to see how awesome people live in Durbs, and how much they love this country. One of the ladies there put together a little clip and uploaded it to Instagram.”


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