30 October, 2015 30 October, 2015

Strand Groms Get to Work

14 year-old Daniella Finlayson along with her fellow beach loving friend, Jenna Knowles, took to their local beach in Strand and put their passion for the ocean into motion by cleaning up the trash. By documenting her efforts, Daniella gains entry into our Tuffy Beach Clean-Up competition, which puts her in the running to win a brand new shred stick compliments of Firewire and Share The Stoke Foundation.

clean up daniella dani
Daniella and Jenna, looking out for their local beach in Strand with a Tuffy bag full of trash each!

“When I wake up early for a dawnie surf the fresh salt air fills my lungs. The palm trees are still in the silent morning and my ears are ringing from excitement when I hear the waves crashing. Everything is perfect except one thing… rubbish scattered all over the place. I want to do oceanography as my future career so to keep my local beach clean means a lot. I don’t understand how people care so little about keeping our ocean and beaches clean and beautiful.”

“So that left me (Daniella Finlayson – 14) and my friend (Jenna Knowles – 14)on a beach clean up expedition. We set off to work early at 8:00am in the morning this weekend with our Zigzag Tuffy bags at Strand. Strand is an amazing stretch of beach with some fun beach breaks, especially pipe. Once our bags were packed with rubbish which included beer bottles, vodka bottles, plastic bottles, chip packets and a R10 note (which I consider as my reward for the work from the litter bugs), we managed to make a difference to the dunes and beach. We couldn’t have done any of this though without catching a few waves.” – Daniella

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