24 March, 2017 24 March, 2017


Hey Zigzag team x
Please see our picture from our Beach Clean up we organised this weekend that just passed.
Was so stoked with the turn out – we will be initiating monthly beach clean ups around our local beaches.
Would be great to get all ocean lovers to join us in making a difference to our local beaches and giving back to the ocean.
Theres a beautiful word “Soliphilia” is about the idea of the need for humans to collaborate and work together to protect and save the earth & oceans, 
To unite people , and give a feeling of strength , wholeness and solidarity … (Philosopher Glenn Albrecht)
*Wouldn’t it be amazing to put this word into action x
The pic is a classic angry face from my side – but at least I got a perspective of what washed up on our local beaches and find away to tackle these issues.
Mel x 

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