13 September, 2015 13 September, 2015

Snakepark Clean-up

Due to a lack of swell, Durban based surfer Aaron Middleton got to work cleaning up the beach around Snake park. By documenting his efforts, Aaron gains entry into our Tuffy Beach Clean-Up competition, which puts him in the running to win a brand new shred stick compliments of Firewire and Share The Stoke Foundation.

Aaron documenting his efforts with a selfless selfie. Experts say that the sticking out of one’s tongue expresses disgust – in this case at the amount of litter…

“The surf wasn’t happening yesterday so I cleaned snake park beach instead. I probably should have worn gloves though because I touched some stuff I really didn’t want to. At least I got rewarded with a R2 coin which I found for my efforts! It was so windy, and I’m sure people must have had a good laugh watching me chase after pieces of litter!” – Aaron Middleton

In the bins provided, the only place litter should be chucked!

Aaron was paid in feelings of accomplishment from his public service, and a R2!

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