24 October, 2016 24 October, 2016

Kids Of A Clean Beach Future

Our next entry into the 2016 Tuffy Clean Your Beach Campaign came from a little dude named Kai Pfister who resides in the Western Cape. Despite being only 11 years old, Kai understands the importance of keeping our beaches clean and has gathered his friends to help out. And now Kai could be shredding on a Firewire as a reward for his effort!

Being a little more experienced with email than Kai, his mother, Jo, sent us the deets:

“Hi – my son Kai is 11 years old and has organised two beach clean ups with friends and family. The latest one he did was on the 18th of September 2016 at Muizenberg beach. He encourages anyone to help out and also shares all his knowledge and love for the sea with younger kids. He is passionate about the ocean and all of its creatures and loves to surf in his spare time. He believes that everyone can make a difference and it doesn’t matter how small your contribution is. He would love to be a professional surfer or marine biologist when he is bigger but for now wants to educate everyone on the effects that litter has on our marine life.”

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