13 August, 2015 13 August, 2015

Happy Wanderers Smiling

Surfer and beach user, Gavin Davies and his son Chad got to work down at Happy Wanderers Beach and made a positive dent by collecting discarded plastic and fishing gut. By documenting their efforts, Gavin and Chad gained entry into our Tuffy Beach Clean-Up competition, which puts them in the running to win a brand new shred stick compliments of Firewire and Share The Stoke Foundation.

Chad Davies, stoked with his efforts at Happy Wanderers Beach.

Fishing often leads to a lot of discarded equipment, like fishing gut  – which not only looks bad, but is harmful to marine life too. Chad gets stuck in amongst the crowd to do some damage control.

Natural debris like shells and churned up ocean flora is the only thing that should be lining our beaches.

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