29 November, 2016 29 November, 2016

Eliminating Hazardous Trash

Murray Sanders dug up his old Halloween hazmat suit and hit the filthy Durban beaches for some epic cleaning. He even found a discarded shark suit – could it be the past winner (Sharky Beach Clean Up) passing on the baton? Murray’s entry into the Tuffy Beach Clean-Up competition could see him walk away with a brand new Firewire.


“Hi Zigzag

Firstly, thanks so much to you Tuffy, Firewire and Share the Stoke for running a great and meaningful campaign for our beaches. I would like to submit my entry for the Clean Your Beach comp.

My clean up took place this previous Saturday as the surf was uneventful so figured this was a good time to give back. I spend most of my time surfing on the northern beaches of Durban, and since most of these areas are quite popular to the local fishermen and Sunday afternoon ‘car-bar sessions’ the beaches tend to get abused, and every Sunday afternoon when we go to these areas to walk the dog we are pretty shocked to see the mess that is left behind. A lot of beer and plastic bottles dominate the filth (among other dodgy things). It is pretty scary to see the nasty effect us humans have on the environment, and it does feel like we are fighting a losing war but just hopefully us and our local government, god-willing can figure out a plan where everybody wins and keeps the litter on the beaches to a minimum.

Hell, even if I am not the winner of the Firewire board I am still pretty stoked that you guys managed to get me out there and give something back to our beaches and will certainly continue to get involved in more beach clean-ups in the future.”


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