29 November, 2016 29 November, 2016

Daily Walk / Daily Clean

The iconic town of Jeffrey’s Bay has long been kept clean by various inspiring projects and proactive residents like Susan Botha and her mother. See Susan’s entry into the Tuffy Clean Your Beach Campaign below: 


“Dear Zig Zag 

Awesome competition! Thanks Tuffy, FireWire and Share the Stoke, our oceans need it. 

I started the Green Campus Initiative at UCT whilst I was working at the university and we helped implement a campus-wide recycling system. I moved back home a while later to build a house for my mom in Jbay, fell in love, learnt to surf, and never moved back. 

My mom and I often go for walks on the beach and following her lead, we clean the beach on the return journey. Every morning new stuff awaits, especially after big storms. There are four regulars who do the same mission every morning and I must say, it is really nice to see them; the load feels lighter when shared. Imagine if everyone got into this habit! It is somehow easier to clean up than leaving it behind and it is a small giving in return for everything we receive from the ocean. 

I am inspired by Lorien Pichegru who volunteers for the Algoa Hope Spot who organised a beach clean up this year of 11 tons in one day! Also the Jbay Recycling Project, especially Tanja Lategan that gets the kids to trade recyclable material for income. It is a really an incredible project. 

I have been surfing my sister’s board for the last few years and my own FireWire would be happy dance awesome! 


Susan Botha”


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