29 October, 2015 29 October, 2015

Cleaning The Cape

Running a mobile coffee shop in Koeel Bay keeps Marck Barter fairly busy, and when he’s not serving morning goodness you’ll find him creating these stone features, or keeping the beaches clean by cleaning what little trash does get washed up. By documenting his efforts, Marck gains entry into our Tuffy Beach Clean-Up competition, which puts him in the running to win a brand new shred stick compliments of Firewire and Share The Stoke Foundation.

“This is a pic of me getting a hand from a stoner buddy of my creation, at Koeel Bay, just south of Bakoven.” – Marck Barter

“You can see Detour Espresso Bar in top left of the frame. That’s my mobile coffee shop from where I serve commuters each weekday morning. Fortunately we don’t get a lot of trash here, but what does get blown over by the South Easter or washed up by the onshore winds is quite an eyesore from the car park, so I do try to keep on top of it. Mostly it’s plastic bottles down on the beach, but oh boy, the things I have to clean up from the parking area can be quite nasty after a busy weekend… I call them Koeel Bay calamari, and rubber gloves are a must!

Thank you for your much anticipated mag, and also for the competition that might get peeps into the habit of doing their part to keep our beaches clean, competition or not.” – Marck Barter

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