3 April, 2017 3 April, 2017

Cape Town Clean

Hi Zigzag team,

This is Andy who has been such a fan of your mag from the beginning (as you can see it was difficult to get him to stop reading for even a second to take the photo) We were really inspired by this initiative and we commend Tuffy, Zigzag, Firewire and share the stoke for being such a great example to not only us everyday folk, but to other companies and organizations as well. Over and above this I know that Tuffy also removes 350 tons of plastic waste from the environment a month, and that Firewire is committed to sustainability in every aspect that goes into making their Ecoboards. If the rest of us can all learn to do our bit like you guys, the oceans and beaches will be so much better for it. I know Andy will definitely continue with these clean ups, and he has spread the word to some of his fellow surfers as well. Thanks so much guys!

Lauren Pretorious

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