7 October, 2015 7 October, 2015

A Clean Start in SA

The first thing Belgium born Gorik Dirix Schrijnwerk did upon moving to SA was buy a Zag, grab the free Tuffy bag inserted inside, and get to work cleaning up his new local. By documenting his efforts,Gorik gains entry into our Tuffy Beach Clean-Up competition, which puts him in the running to win a brand new shred stick compliments of Firewire and Share The Stoke Foundation.

Tuffy dude
Gorik with the rubbish he collected at Strand, his new favourite spot in Cape Town.

“I just arrived in South Africa and one of the first things I did was buy a copy of the latest Zigzag magazine, inside of which I found the Tuffy bag. I’m from Belgium and one of my goals here in South Africa is SURFING! Living in Gordon’s Bay, I collected the garbage whilst walking to Strand where I surf (sometimes I go by car, but other times I walk or run for the good exercise). That’s the least I can do in return for these good South African waves!” – Gorik

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