8 January, 2020 8 January, 2020


“I arrived Monday, just 2 days after the WSL 2019 contest, at Hossegor. I organised this beach clean from the hostel I stayed in after just coming back from a walk on the beach and being pretty disgusted with all the plastic I saw. WSL should actually reward us, but this was done from the heart and not for rewards.

Weather was rather crap on Tuesday 15 Oct, so we started across from La Nord on the beach and worked our way up about 1/2 km North all along where the contest area was. Three of us, a Swiss, a Brit and me a SA dude participated, staying at the Hossegor Surf Hostel, coincidentally owned by another SAFA, Eugene Van Staden, which played provincial rugby in SA and for 6 years for Biarritz. We spend a good part of the morning on the beach.

Attached is a picture (I’m in the middle) with all the bags of plastic we collected on just that stretch of beach. It serves as a nice example were self organization with just a few people can also make a difference.” 


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