12 October, 2018 12 October, 2018


We’re a small crew of surfers from Masiphumelele.  We do monthly beach clean-ups around the peninsula, to pay our respects to mother nature and preserve the ocean we love so much
– Surfpop Team
Last beach clean-up: 10 October 2018
Location: Muizenberg, Surfer’s Corner
Some results from our findings:
Cooldrink bottles: 26
Water bottles: 13
Cooldrink lids: 75
Carrier bags: 20
Chip packets: 54
Individual sweet wrappers: 117
Straws: 191
Earbuds: 5
Lollypop sticks: 61
Cigarette lighters: 17
Fishing line: 4
Lightsticks: 2
Other plastic: 149
Cigarettes: 586
Dudes, such a solid effort!! Thank you so much. Like the saying goes “many hands keep the beaches clean forever”, or something like that. 

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