10 October, 2018 10 October, 2018


After Issy entered the Tuffy Clean Your Beach competition last year the whole family has become far more aware of not walking past the litter on the beach.  Over the past few months, each visit to the beach has involved a little bit more plastic and pollution being removed from the shoreline.  From the tiniest pieces of plastic such as nurdles that are still washing up a year on to geysers that must have been pushed off ships and spread their polystyrene like confetti.  We had to get some help carting the first geyser off the beach and then the same people found another one this morning which has also been removed.  Except for the glass bottles that most likely come from parties, each tide brings a new wave of straws, bags, chip packets etc.  We have now joined an app so that we can record all that we manage to pick up. It is so sad to see how much plastic is out there but it’s also so rewarding being part of the solution 

– Grace Gates


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