6 August, 2018 6 August, 2018


I was surfing with a mate last weekend at one of our winter locals, Witsands, and when we got out I noticed this patch in between the dunes was covered in plastic. So, I decided to go down the following weekend and sort it out! Saturday rolled around cool and drizzling but my dog and I were still amped to go for a peninsula cruise and get our hands and paws in the sand. I set myself up and got busy. No one was around except for a few surfers out in the corner enjoying the glassy but small runners. The crazy thing I realised was that every bit of plastic was, in fact, part of a plastic shopping bag! No lies, I must have picked up 50+ bags and only a couple of bottle tops and nylon rope. Guys, we ALL need to get on top of the reusable bags and never ever accept the plastic carry bags again! Serious. Anyway, I had an absolute jol and at the same time cleaned one of the most beautiful beaches in Cape Town”

— Brett Shearer

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