19 July, 2018 19 July, 2018

2018 Tuffy Clean Your Beach #22

A Crew of Hout Bay people have created the Sentinel Alliance, which is to teach the local kids to respect where they live, learn to surf and stay in school. Hout Bay has 2 poor communities, the Hangberg area, and Imizamo Yethu, with many kids not having the chance to have a normal life.

Chad and Anele, the two instructors, and Sentinel alliance get together with the kids every Saturday and the last Saturday Jerome Alexander and the crew did a massive beach cleanup with the kids, then had an education session and the damage of plastic to the environment, how surfing can lead to careers and travel opportunities, followed by a surf and boerie braai. The weather was really bad but the kids braved the elements and the stoke on the face was real! If the team wins, the board will be used to help the club grow, as the end result is building a safe place where local kids can hang out, surf and give back to the community.

Jerome, Chad, Anele and the Sentinal Alliance well-done dudes. Keep doing what you doing its the small stories like this that put a smile on everyone’s face here in the Zag cave. Such rad vibes you’re putting out there!!


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