2 July, 2018 2 July, 2018


“The moment I saw that bag I was pumped to clean up the beach. When I got down the Sunrise beach in Ballito there was not a lot of visible litter and I thought there wouldn’t be a lot to pick up. I walked down a bit and began to pick up the tiny bits of bottle caps and pieces of ice-cream wrappers. I came across many straws and I was disappointed and sad to really see how much litter pollution there was on a beach I thought was clean. I now understand how one little bit of plastic can really impact the beautiful oceans that we have and how all the pieces add up to endanger the lives of the sea creatures as the might eat them by mistake. I learned a lot from cleaning the beach and I hope many people will too. I hope my little beach clean will make a positive impact on the environment and maybe one day all our beaches will be clean.” – Will Whittaker

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