10 January, 2017 10 January, 2017

Clean Up Hike

Mischa Els and her boyfriend brought their Tuffy bags along for a hike and scooped up some trash along the way. 

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“Hi Bro’s,

Happy new year to the team, may it be a kiff one.
Found the tuffy bag, took it with on our hike, so stoked we took pictures, weren’t aware of the comp yet.
Walked 13 km with our bags and cleaned up from Oysterbay to Tuisbaai. It was kak heavy but we were troopers 🙂 My boyfriends a genuinely good guy, he would never expect anything in return, he deserves this prize, would love a board myself but he should definitely win this board, his got stolen on the bluff and has been looking for one for a while, doesn’t know that I’m entering him, would be completely stoked if he had to win.”

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