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Activist Surfs In Hazmat Suit To Raise Awareness About Ocean Pollution

Over in Ventura, California, activist Michael Dyrland took a series of photos depicting what the future of surfing might look like unless we do something about the problem of pollution. The article below appeared on trueactivist.com and the pictures tell a story.


After an unfortunate incident in Los Angeles, this activist became inspired to raise awareness about ocean pollution.

If you can’t get enough Blue Crush, you best become an environmental activist stat, as the future isn’t looking too good for the future of oceans if more isn’t done to curb pollution.

This is the message photographer and activist Michael Dyrland seeks to convey, after an unfortunate incident in Los Angeles opened his eyes to how awful the pollution problem is becoming.


As Dyrland shared with BoredPanda, in 2014 he travelled to Los Angeles to see and photograph his childhood friend, as well as learn how to surf.

Not thinking twice about the heavy rain the night before, Michael woke up one morning and asked his friend if they could go out on the water. To his surprise, his friend responded with, “Are you crazy? No one goes in the water after it rains. You could get MRSA, hep C, virus, respiratory infection, etc.”

That’s because the infrequent rains in Los Angeles caused nearly 10 billion gallons of rain runoff – polluted with sewage, garbage, oil, and other matter – to run down the streets, into the sand and into the ocean.


Because the ocean remained toxic for three days after the heavy rain, Dryland missed out on the opportunity to surf. Something positive did come out of the trip, however, and that was the inspiration to create a project portraying the future of surfing if more isn’t done to curb pollution.

According to his website, the HAZMAT Surfing collection features surfers, lifeguards, and beach goers wearing HAZMAT suits to protect themselves from the contaminated waters around Venice Beach, California.

Dryland Productions partnered with the Surfrider Foundation to raise awareness and capture the reality of where the future of oceans might be headed if the current pollution trends are not remedied.

Michael believes that if pollution is not reduced immediately, in 25 years people will have to wear a hazmat suit just to play in the ocean. (How frightening is that thought?)


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