24 May, 2019 24 May, 2019

Durban: Latest E.coli Readings

We can confirm, it’s safe to paddle out again. Spread the good word, just stay away from Sun Coast… for now. 

Latest from the city of Durban:

The incident at the harbor has been contained. The pumps are now working. The E.coli counts at the harbour were high, however, there has been no indication that the pollution from the harbour had spread into the beaches.

E.coli counts had been significantly varied along the beach area, especially at the North beach, Ushaka and Addington beach. There was a slight increase of E.coli counts at Sun Coast beach, it’s hard to attribute to the harbour incident as the E.coli results were very low at the Bay of Plenty beach and at all other points that had been monitored.

We will continue with the daily water quality monitoring accordingly.


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