8 June, 2017 8 June, 2017

Ducky Slays the Supertrial

While the country was battling storms and raging fires, the elements came together in harmony for the 2017 JBU Supertrial, powered by Monster Energy, in Jeffrey’s Bay. Semi-final number one of the Supertrial was reminiscent of last year’s final with Dale Staples, Dylan Lightfoot and Steven Sawyer trading windswept and solid Supertubes walls between the lulls. But after Dale stomped the first and only ten point ride of the event – backing it up with a 9.93 – it was evident that the rhythm was with him and the win, there for the taking! Reigning champ Steezy Sawyer seemed to have jelly limbs after a cracker first heat, and Dylan pipped him for a spot in the finals.

Dale Staples cracks the first and only ten point ride at Supers.

Michael February and Matt McGillivray put on a show in the other Semi-final, which was a bit slow in the waves department, but enough to knock out the powerful and always dangerous Beyrick De Vries. By the time the finals kicked off it was the consistent 6 – 8 foot Supertubes we know and love + the odd 8 foot bomb that left the choir on the boardwalk in awe as the guys threaded huge pits.

In the final, Ducky Staples casually opened his account with two nine point rides, making it out of the craziest barrels and nailing carves as smooth as butter – the dude could not be shaken! With a 18.77 heat total, the field was in combo land and left to battle it out for second. “Dale dominated!” Enthused veteran photographer Alan van Gysen. “His throwaway scores combo’d the rest of the finalists.” Which meant that the other surfers were basically having a 50 minute free-surf session at perfect Supers with just four guys out – bliss. Dylan Lightfoot settled for second with 13,70 heat total with Matt McGillivray in 3rd on 13.54. MFeb was bumped into fourth after going for broke – and getting broken in the process.

* Full write up from today’s event + gallery and video coming soon!

Smooth as butter…

Congrats Dale Staples! We can’t wait to see the newly crowned JBU Supertrial, powered by Monster Energy, Winner and barrel king take on the pro’s in the 2017 Corona JBay Open in July.

Winner of the 2017 JBU Supertrial, Dale Staples, fresh out the barrel with his loot.

*All Images by Alan van Gysen

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