16 October, 2018 16 October, 2018

Dry Wave Creates Surf Outside Water

Dry Wave is an innovative set up that makes ‘ocean-like’ waves on dry floors. The concept, created by Lincoln Neves Junior, was originally designed to make wave propagation on floors such as plastic, grass, sand, snow and even silicone. The aim of the Dry Wave is to create different fun mediums and platform waves for skating, snowboarding, BMXing, rollerskating and maybe even give way to a new sport likesand surfing.

Dry Wave hopes to connect surfing and other boardsports. Apparentlythis ‘revolutionary equipment’ possesses the ablity to generate waves in liquid as well, brininging waves to swimming pools, lakes, and tanks. Dry Wave is a simple, light, and relatively cheap system that can be installed in different setups. It can be installed in oval and multiform circuits and pump tracks. Don’t know about you, but we not so sure about this one. 


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  1. Brian levin
    2 October, 2019 at 8:08 pm · Reply

    I’m looking into possibly purchasing the dry wave for a business I am starting. What company makes it and who would I contact. There’s no real website just about the dry wave

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