4 December, 2017 4 December, 2017

Create It, Shape It Competition – Winner #1

After a bunch of epic entries, Tyler Mclullich has been selected as our fist winner of the CREATE IT, SHAPE IT competition being run in conjunction with Lampz Surfboards.
Tyler’s entry combines the rocket-like planing speed of a kneeboard-inspired spoon with an ultra deep concave, pulled in curves on the hips and a squash tail to hook it in the pocket. He now gets his dream board shaped gratis by master craftsman, Lampz.
Stay tuned to watch the aptly named TY-FY come to life. Even better, get your own entry in! 
We’ve still got five more sticks waiting to be shaped. All you have to do is come up with an innovative design for a new board, write a short paragraph explaining it with a quick sketch and post it on Lampz Shapes Surfboards and tag Zigzag, or post it on your Insta feed and tag @lampzshapes and Zigzag. 
Long or short, winged or asymmetrical, channels, quadruple concaves, outrageous tails, bonzers, twinnies… Anything goes. You can enter as many times as you like and the only rule is it can’t be a conventional thruster.
*The featured image isn’t Tyler’s winning board, just an example of the awesomeness Lampz is waiting to shape for you.

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