5 February, 2018 5 February, 2018

Create It, Shape It comp – Winner No. 2

Rate you’re a surfboard design guru in the making? Then put your design where the competition is, what have you got to lose? This challenge is open to anyone and everyone who thinks they got what it takes to change the surfing game. There are no limits here, whatever floats your board, tap into the deepest fathoms of your imagination, you could see your creations come to life. Let’s come back to this a little later, for now, let’s get back to this competition. So we announced the second winner and maybe you missed the first, well then let us introduce Tyler Mclullich from Scarborough and his creation the ‘Ty-Fy”.


So let’s throw out a shaka for our second winner in the Create It, Shape It comp, Anthony Heim from J-Bay! Ant faced some stiff competition from the likes of Jamil Hamlin, Paul Marcelino and a bunch of other entrants, but came out tops with his asymmetrical quad-finned love-child, designed for the screaming walls of Supertubes.

As Ant explains, “It’s a 5’5″ asymmetrical quad with a modern planning hull made out of epoxy with a carbon stringer and rails that I’ve been dreaming about for my home break, Supers. The tough part will probably be cutting out the hourglass-shaped centrepiece, adding the super flexi carbon wish-bone stringer and piecing it back together before shaping in the hull’s concave and channels.”

The idea behind the flexi wishbone stringer is to get more twang out of turns, while the asymmetrical outline is designed for hold and release at Supers – digging in on the bottom and flying off the top. The shorter, wider planing hull is built for speed and comes wrapped up in a fishy outline, while the channels provide added drive and hold.

“Maybe it’s just batshit crazy…” says Ant. “But I’m hoping for the best!”

Watch this space.



We’ve still got four custom shaped crafts up for grabs and you can enter as many times as you like. All you have to do is come up with an epic design for a new board, and if your design is selcted, master craftsman Lampeez will make it for you mahala, gratis, freeeee! But we’re not just looking for any ‘ol board.

Together with Lampz Shape Surfboards, we’re looking for your most innovative surfboard designs for our ‘Create It, Shape It’ comp. Long or short, winged or asymmetrical, channels, quadruple concaves, outrageous tails or fishy outlines… The only rule is it can’t be a conventional thruster. 

All you gotta do is write a short paragraph explaining your design, include a little sketch and post it on Lampz Shape Surfboards, tagging the Zag. Each winning board will get featured in Zigzag and shipped to the happy new owner.

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