8 December, 2015 8 December, 2015

WSL Unveil ‘You Can’t Script This’ Global Campaign

That’s right, “you can’t script this” when there are so many variables in the surfing equation. And that’s the tag-line the World Surf League will be using for their newly unveiled global brand campaign.

Nobody scripted this, that’s for sure. Although we did fear it.

There will always be the argument that some parts are scripted, particularly when a certain competitor appears to be a favourite of the judges, but for now there’s no (financially viable) way for the World Surf League to script the kind of waves we’ll be in for at the next event. Let’s hope it’s 10 foot-plus and spitting left and right when the Billabong Pipe Masters gets underway later today.

“Chaos Theory” is the title of the video that the WSL created to anchor the launch.

Read the press release below for more details.




LOS ANGELES, California/USA (Monday, December 7, 2015) – Surfing unfolds on the most beautiful and dynamic playing field in the world. From upsets to perfection, a thwarted shark attack to the most hotly contested Championship race in years, 2015 has been one of the most remarkable and unforgettable in the sport’s history.

As fans and surfers converge on Oahu for the season finale — the Billabong Pipe Masters — the World Surf League has launched “You Can’t Script This,” its new global brand campaign.

“Competitive surfing is such an unpredictable sport and that’s what makes it so compelling; with ‘You Can’t Script This,’ our goal was to create a campaign that celebrates this simple truth about the sport we love,” said Scott Hargrove, Chief Marketing Officer of the World Surf League. “Whether it is seeing Gabriel Medina become the first Brazilian to win a World Championship, to Sally Fitzgibbons’ victory in Fiji despite suffering a broken ear drum, to swell conditions that change by the minute, no other sport offers these types of compelling, unpredictable moments.”

Hargrove continued: “Instead of being our Achilles’ heel – surfing’s unscriptable nature challenges us to deliver new ways for fans and surfers to engage with the sport they love.”

Anchoring the launch of “You Can’t Script This” is Chaos Theory, a ninety-second film that serves as a metaphor for the sport’s innate unpredictability.

The Chaos Theory concept was created by award-winning creative agency Mistress and was directed by Dan DiFelice. The spot premiered on www.worldsurfleague.com today, and will run across WSL’s global broadcast partners in the US (ABC), Brazil (ESPN), France (MCS) and Australia (FOX 5 Sports), as well as on Google’s Display Network, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other news/social media outlets.

Since acquiring the Association of Surfing Professionals in 2012, the WSL has been committed to improving the quality, quantity and consistency of competitive surfing. In the process, it has become the first truly digital sports league, providing 100% of its content online and for free. Features such as personalized smartphone alerts notifying fans when their favorite athletes are about to hit the water, to a free mobile app enabling viewers to watch live WSL events (at some of the most remote and exotic locations on earth), make it simple for surfers and new fans to get in on the action.

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