9 October, 2013 9 October, 2013

World Title Race Could End in Portugal – Rip Curl Pro Kicks-Off

The penultimate event of the 2013 Dream Tour kicks-off this morning in Portugal at the Rip Curl Pro. Only Mick Fanning, the winner of the last event in France, has a chance of clinching the world title before the tour packs up and heads for the Pipe Masters.

Mick Fanning could clinch the title in Portugal.

The rest of the Top 5 have dwindling hopes of catching him, with perhaps Kelly (currently 2nd) the only one that you could say has a legit shot at pipping Mick to the post at Pipe.

Jordy (currently 3rd), Taj (4th) and Parko (5th) need Mick to have a catastrophe in Portugal to leave them with any hope of finishing first. Mick rarely has catastrophes, and they’ll also all need to win in Portugal.

We’ve seen Kelly pull a rabbit out of the hat before. Will it happen in Portugal?

But as we’ve seen throughout the year catastrophes can happen left, right and center; weird judging calls, waveless heats, big names losing early – you just don’t know what to expect.

As for the wave, Supertubos, the past few years have shown us that it can be a tube-riding feast when it’s on, but the forecast will decide whether that materialises. For now they’re predicting a mid-size swell to greet the start of the waiting period, before dropping through Thursday and Friday and leaving the weekend small. Following that, there’s a strong swell predicted for the end of the waiting period, but that unfortunately comes hand-in-hand with onshore winds (for now).

It’s not just mind-bending airs from young Gabriel Medina. He knows how to get slotted properly too.

If you dig your stats and scenarios, check out Surfline’s article on the World Title race, where they break down what’s needed by who to clinch the crown.

Or watch the Rip Curl Pro Portugal live here>>

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