6 November, 2013 6 November, 2013

Twig Earns a Spot – Eddie Invitees Announced

The most celebrated big wave event in the world, the Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau, will see South Africa represented by Grant ‘Twiggy’ Baker, who was named amongst the list of invitees to the prestigious event at Waimea Bay.

Twiggy shares a wave with Andy Irons and Carlos Burle at the 2009 Eddie.

It’s an event that you know Twiggy is just itching to win, having seen good buddy Greg Long take out the title the last time the event was held in 2009, and he’s been working hard on both his equipment and fitness at every chance he gets. Like some crazy sessions at Dungeons and Sunset in August and September this year.

Twig tackles Sunset in August this year on his 11’0″ gun. Check out the gallery here>>

Like the event tagline says, THE BAY WILL CALL THE DAY, and when it does Twiggy will be there representing hard for the boys back home.

The waiting period runs from 1 December 2013 – 28 February 2014

See more at: quiksilverlive.com/eddieaikau/2014/

Aaron Gold
Bruce Irons
Carlos Burle
Clyde Aikau
Dave Wassel
Garrett McNamara
Grant ’Twiggy’ Baker
Greg Long
Ian Walsh
Jamie O’Brien
Jamie Sterling
Jeremy Flores
John John Florence
Kala Alexander
Kelly Slater
Kohl Christianson
Noah Johnson
Pete Mel
Reef McIntosh
Ramon Navarro
Ross Clarke-Jones
Shane Dorian
Sunny Garcia
Takayuki Wakita
Tom Carrol

Mason Ho
Danilo Couto
Michael Ho
Kalani Chapman
Danny Fuller
Ben Wilkinson
Kahea Hart
Ross Williams
Albee Layer
Jamie Mitchell
Alex Gray
Keoni Watson
Koa Rothman
Kealii Mamala
Nathan Florence
Evan Valiere
Mark Mathews
Gabriel Villaran
Billy Kemper
Rusyy Long
Kai Lenny
Myles Padaca
Derek Dunfee
Shawn Dollar

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