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Tuesday is “GO” at Pico Alto 2012 BWWT event – Frank Solomon ready for battle

Frank Solomon slides into a big wave at last year’s Pico Alto event.

The second stop on the Big Wave World Tour, the Billabong Pico Alto 2012, Presented by Sony Xperia Smartphone, has been given the green light.

This is a very special year for the Billabong Pico Alto event because it marks the tenth anniversary of the prestigious contest.
Tuesday, 14th of August, the contest will be held 43 kilometers south of Lima, Peru at Punta Hermosa.  Contest day is forecasted to have surf in the 30+foot range and will have optimal ocean conditions.

The event has become a spectacle for visitors and fans alike to witness the world’s best big wave riders on the tall open walls of Pico Alto. The decision to run the event was made by Billabong Peru with the support of Mark Sponsler of Stormsurf and Kevin Wallis of Surfline.

The current best big wave surfers in the world will be descending on Peru for the one day event.  Global surf personalities such as Peter Mel (USA) defending event Champion and current BWWT Champion, Jamie Sterling (Hawaii) 2010 BWWT Champion, Carlos Burle (Brazil) 2009 BWWT Champion, Greg Long (USA), Danilo Couto (Brazil) & Grant “Twiggy” Baker (South Africa) Billabong XXL Award winners and many more come to Lima to face the giant waves of Pico Alto and it’s local favorites.

Among the local competitors we will see standout Peruvian surfers Rafael Velarde, Gabriel Villaran, Sebastian de Romana, Javier Swayne and many others.
Gary Linden, Legendary shaper and Director of the Big Wave World Tour states:  “Thanks to good swell period and direction, Pico Alto is forecasted to provide excellent waves for the event.  With all logistics ready we are excited for the second stop on the Big Wave World Tour for 2012/2013.”

These international and national competitors will be fighting it out for a prize purse of $20,00 USD and a special award for the biggest wave caught during the event presented by Nixon.

Because of Pico Alto’s importance and international fame, the competition will be broadcast live via Facebook Billabong Peru and the Billabong Peru website.
Experience the event live at

This year the Billabong Pico Alto 2012, 10th Anniversary, is presented by Sony Experia Smartphone and hosted by Mapfre, Corona Extra, Burn, Nixon watches and Von Zipper sunglasses.

For more information go to www.billabong.com/sa/picoalto12
The next stop on the BWWT will be the Mavericks Invitational in Half Moon Bay, California, USA.

Current Big Wave World Tour 2012/2013 Rankings:
1)    Peter Mel (USA)
2)    Ben Wilkinson (AUS)
3)    Marcos Monteiro (Brazil)
4)    Joao de Macedo (Brazil)
5)    Ramon Navarro (Chile)

BWWT International Competitors:
1)    Peter Mel (USA)
2)    Ben Wilkinson (AUS)
3)    Marcos Monteiro (Brazil)
4)    Joao Do Macedo (Brazil)
5)    Ramon Navarro (Chile)
6)    Felipe Cesarano (Brazil)
7)    Jamie Sterling (Haw)
8)    Gabriel Villarán (Peru)
9)    Kohl Christensen (Haw)
10)  Greg Long (USA)
11)  Frank Solomon (RSA)
12)  Shane Dorian (Haw)
13)  Nathan Fletcher (USA)

Local Competitors:
1)    Kodiak Semsch (Peru)
2)    Rafael Velarde (Peru)
3)    Sebastian de Romaña ( )
4)    Javier Swayne (Peru)
5)    Miguel Tudela (Peru)
6)    Alvaro Malpartida (Peru)

Invited Competitors:
1)    Tamil Martino (Peru)
2)    Jose Jarita Gomez (Peru)
3)    Carlos Burle (Brasil)
4)     Danilo Couto (Brazil)
5)     Ken Skindog Collins (USA)
6)     Kahea Hart (Haw)

About the Big Wave World Tour (BWWT):
The Big Wave World Tour was created by renowned surfer and shaper, Gary Linden.  The Tour was created in 2009 and its first World Champion was Carlos Burle of Brazil.  Each year the Tour has grown and now has four stops around the world, Pico Alto being the second.

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