5 February, 2019 5 February, 2019

The Monster Combo Jan Winner is…

So the first month of the Monster Combo just damn right flew by, probably the only thing to go quickly this year-long January. We got some good entries to get the ball rolling, hopefully, with a bit of swell rolling in this Feb (fingers crossed) the entries will just get better and better.

Taking the first win in a landslide victory was the young man, Eli Beukes filmed by Chris Bond!! Congratulations Eli. Eli not only pockets a custom Channel Islands Surfboard but gets himself a wildcard entry into ULT.X 2019, Africa’s elite action sport fest in Sun City 15-17 march.

The final judge’s decisions were as follows:


Smashing 500+ votes, Luke Slijpen (who knew he had so many friends)


Eli – Two moves linked up well with a smooth transition, exactly what this comp is here to reward.


Eli – Eli’s approach of fitting in two explosive moves in one fluid movement cracks the nod from us. His flow was seamless, carve was in the pocket, and the tweaked out tail high rotation was on a closeout section a touch trickier than other entries.


Eli- The strength to keep his momentum after the first turn and the technical difficulty of going straight from his rail into a tail high full rotation is amazing. I love the way he stomped it too.

Travis Logie:

Eli –I’m going for Eli, in my opinion, that’s exactly what a great combo is – two or more really good turns linked 


Before you go, over to Beyrick for a few words of encouragement:

I do think everyone can do better and hopefully, February has a fun run of swell around SA for the boys and girls to link up some gold.

My definition of a combo:

Two or more maneuvers linked together with very little or preferably no pumps at all.

Difference between a wave surfed VS a COMBO:

In my eyes, as soon as a surfer has to generate speed after a maneouver via pumping hard/ racing, the combo is then broken. Therefore two massive maneouvers on a wave with racing in between are not counted as a combo. The dream reward of reading the first section right is coming out of that maneouver with enough speed to go straight into the next maneuver without pumping and I believe Eli did that really well

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