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The Dream Tour Starts Here (2015 Fiji Pro)

Now that Australia and Rio have been ticked off the WSL Championship Tour schedule, it’s time for the Fiji Pro; which precedes the J-Bay Open and the Billabong Pro Tahiti. Apart from the season-ending Pipe Masters, these next three events are the ones that hold the most interest for a big portion of Dream Tour fans. Three dreamy locations, albeit a cold, wet dream in the middle.

Anyways, back to Fiji, where the Women’s Pro kicks-off this Sunday, 31 May.

Bianca, tearing into Cloudbreak at the 2014 Fiji Pro.

Will Bianca Buitendag (ZAF) make back-to-back finals, or even better – win? That’s what is on the minds of fans back home. And we think she certainly can. There is plenty standing in the way, of course – like the eight surfers ahead of her in the rankings. But ‘fighting spirit’ plays a big part in winning events, and Bianca has shown plenty recently. Against 2-time world champion, Carissa Moore (HAW), in Rio, the Vic Bay local earned a dominant victory. If she keeps it up, then we won’t be surprised to see her claim her first World Tour win.

The forecast can often play the part of evil villain, but we really hope it doesn’t.
Because the Dream Tour starts here…

Kelly Slater and Cloudbreak, dreamy.

The Men’s Fiji Pro begins on 7 June, and for some there’s work to be done:

2014 Fiji Pro winner, Gabriel Medina (BRA), is frothing for a big result this year. Currently sitting at 19th on the Jeep Leaderboard, the reigning world champ has a lot of ground to make up, and the events are ticking by. He knows how to win in Fiji, he has shown that he can ride the tube and tear Cloudbreak apart, so even though he has appeared somewhat listless this season, he could come to life at any moment.

Jordy Smith (ZAF), who is currently rated 14th and on his honeymoon, doesn’t have that problem. He has been alive and his surfing has been fast and dynamic for the first part of the year. It’s injuries that have put a dampener on his campaign. But should he have shrugged off the injury he incurred while free-surfing in Western Australia, then the beast could be unleashed.

If he has recovered from his knee injury, Jordy is going to damage some lips.

Sitting just above Jordy at 13th in the rankings is Kelly Slater (USA), who will be looking to make his move at this event as well. In order to reel in the leaders, he will need to win this event and win it decisively. He is probably the surfer most familiar with the reef and with the waves of Fiji, and if he wants to go for his 12th world title, then the time is now. Should he fall early in this event, his challenge for this year’s title could be over and we could see him turn his attention elsewhere. And nobody really wants to see that.

Will Adriano De Souza (BRA) hang on to the yellow jersey through some tropical tubes and continue to lead the race for this year’s title? That’ll be the big question on the Men’s side in Fiji. And how will Filipe Toledo (BRA), winner of the first and last event on tour this year, fare if Cloudbreak gets solid? This and plenty more questions will keep us glued to the webcast when the Fiji Pro gets going on worldsurfleague.com

Tune in to the Fiji Women’s Pro from 31 May – 5 June.
The Men’s Fiji Pro runs from 7 – 19 June.

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