3 December, 2013 3 December, 2013

Summer Bowls and Ice Cream at the Umhlanga Surf Fest

The year is winding down fast now, with just 28 days left before the calendar flips to 2014. Some are already on holiday (those lucky fish) while others will be soon enough.

Surfers entered into this weekend’s Umhlanga Lizzard / Nature’s Valley Surf Fest will be looking for one final competitive push before they too slide into festive mode. Spectators interested in a rad day of chilling at one of KZN’s nicest popular beaches and watching some sick surfing, they will be heading down to Umhlanga Main Beach this weekend (7 – 8 December) and throwing down their towel.

Dan Redman claimed last year’s Umhlanga Surf Fest title.

Organisers have worked hard to get a number of cool sponsors involved, so not only will the competitors have plenty to fight for (over R50 000 in prizes), but spectators will be treated to some ice cream and granola bars.

Sounds like fun.

Summer bowls and ice cream. Mikey February and JJ Harris are looking forward to shredding at this weekend’s Lizzard / Nature’s Valley Surf Fest in Umhlanga. The lovely Asha Irvine and Nats Rautenbach are going to make sure smiles are standard issue throughout the weekend.

Official press release below.



It is all going to be happening on Umhlanga’s main beach on 7/8 December. Surfers, spectators and beach goers will be treated to free tastings of delicious  Haagen Dazs  ice-cream, and will also get free Granola Bars to munch on.

R10 000 prize money is up for grabs from LIZZARD for the Open Men, and R5000 from NATURE VALLEY for the open ladies. Add to this R1000 from HURRICANE for the surfer who ‘blows up’, a CLAYTON custom made surfboard valued at R5000, R1000 from ZIGZAG surf mag, R5000 from ‘Sykes’ for the boys division stand out, R2500 from ‘Bells’ for the girls highest wave score, a weekend away in Mozam from ‘Mets’ valued at R5000, And R1000 cash for the girl and boy winner of the paddle battle from ‘Hoggs’. LIZZARD and HURRICANE are also putting in generous product prizes.

KZN Central Surfing Chairman Paul Izzard is thrilled with the entries so far and said “It is always one of the best weekends on the surf calendar, because summer is here and families get the chance to enjoy one of South Africa’s prime beaches – Umhlanga and have a relaxing weekend.  We welcome everyone to come down and enjoy a free taste of ice-cream and snacks, and join in the fun”.

For more more information please call Paul Izzard 082 555 6161 or Janine Mets on 082 776 8433


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