10 June, 2014 10 June, 2014

Storm Clears for Llandudno Boardriders Shootout

Llandudno had been a stormy cauldron of solid winter swells for weeks leading up to the Quiksilver Llandudno Shootout. For the hosts, Llandudno Boardriders, this was a major worry. But as Liam Wood explains below everything turned out just about perfect in the end.

Words by: Liam Wood / Photos by: Gavin Gamsu

Calm conditions after days of storm surf was a relief for both contestants and organisers.

After three weeks of constant 10 foot-plus surf and stormy seas, we were hoping for the best but suspecting more of the same for the Llandudno Shootout on 7 June. Imagine then the surprise and relief when the rising sun on Saturday morning revealed near-perfect conditions at Llandudno’s now rocky beach.

Josh Brodie was stoked on the clean ramps.

More than sixty boardriders and their families signed-up for the event, which saw surfers, bodyboarders and kneeboarders from the Hout Bay and Llandudno community – both young and old – come together to have a blast and share some waves.

Eager groms were stoked to share some waves with Slade Prestwich.

Slade Prestwich was the invited guest for the day and as well as signing a number of autographs, the Durban local also stoked the groms out by lending a hand with the surf lessons and sharing some tips with the frothing group.

As they day progressed both surf size and conditions improved further, which allowed for some great performances by competitors.

Ryan Payne was surfing full throttle.

In the Open division, Slade Prestwich was ripping to finish in first, while Ryan Payne showed the groms how power surfing is done and grabbed second. Jordan Alexander and Josh Brodie were busting some big airs all day and finished in third and fourth respectively.

Showing how hard the Masters can rip were; Andrew Preen; Volker Mielk; John Slijpen; Casey Corey; Jacque Smit and Dinor. Amongst those guys, no lips were left unsmashed.

On his backhand, Jacque Smit gouged some powerful turns on his way to third overall in the Masters.

The bodyboarders were explosive. John McD, John Catto and Ed were showing their experience and knowledge in the earlier heats, but it was the young up-and-coming groms who took out the division as Luke Kitchen, Benji Lewis and Brode Gleeson showed the older guys how it is done.

Luke Slijpen raced back from a second place finish at the Western Province trials at Long Beach to take out the Junior division ahead of Greg Torrington, Tom Hofmeyer and Seabass Burdeli.

The Super Grom division most definitely had the most fun.

Hope, the Vander A brothers, Nikos and Kieran Muller of the Hout Bay Boardriders ripped up the shorebreak conditions with the help of Ryan Payne, Liam Wood and Slade Prestwich for the successful Super Grom division.

The crowd got their hands on a stack of Quiksilver gear at the prizegiving, which along with the giveaways from Zigzag, Red Bull, and pizza from Primi Piatti, were grabbed with stoked arms.

Masters Finalists – Andrew Preen, Volker Mielk, Casey Cory and Jacque Smit.

Everyone had a awesome day sharing waves at Llandudno and we are all looking forward to the next event this Spring.

Massive thanks goes to all the riders for coming together, Slade Prestwich for joining and helping the groms, the judges, Jemma Robb for all the behind-the-scenes hard work and especially to the sponsors – Quiksilver; Redbull; Roxy; Primi; Skullcandy; Neff; Vudu; Wetsac; Beach Religion; Dario and Zigzag.

These are the video highlights from another epic day of action at Llandudno beach:

1st: Slade Prestwich
2nd: Ryan Payne
3rd: Jordan Alexander
4th: Josh Brodie

1st: Andrew Preen
2nd: Volker Mielk
3rd: Jacque Smit
4th: Casey Corey

1st: Luke Slijpen
2nd: Greg Torrington
3rd: Seabastian Burdeli
4th: Tom Hofmeyer

1st: Luke Kitchen
2nd: Brode Gleeson
3rd: Benji Lewis
4th: Miguel Inocentes

Best Wipout: Hope
Best Snap: Kieran
Longest Ride: Romajn Vander A
Biggest Wave: Darren Webb
Best Cutback: Georges
Most Committed: David Vander A
Most Enthusiastic: Nikos Carmichael
Most Improved: Biagi brothers

Slade was on fire throughout the day.

Greg Torrington shredded his way to 2nd overall in the Juniors.

With solid turns like this, Andrew Preen carved his way to victory in the Masters division.

Volker Mielk finished second in the Masters by putting it on the rail.

Casey Cory was smashing it on his backhand.

With young Conner Slijpen on the microphone, the crowd were offered some great insight.

On his way to victory, Slade Prestwich was putting it on the rail.

Jordan Alexander busting big airs – a common site around these parts.

Dinor cranked up the power for this well-timed gouge.

The groms were stoked to get Slade’s autograph, and he happy to take the time.

Every Super Grom was a winner.

The camera had the focus of all the Junior division Finalists.

Open division Finalists – Slade Prestwich, Ryan Payne, Jordan Alexander and Josh Brodie.

The Finalists of the Bodyboarding division were as stoked as everyone.


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