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Razor Sharp ‘Samurai’ Steve Creates His Own Happening


Many surf ninjas came to the beach but only one left a samurai at the annual Create Your Own Happening (CYOH) Surf Off in Port Elizabeth on Saturday.

Fighting it out in fun Wildside waves, J-Bay ripper Steven Sawyer was a cut above the rest as he slashed his way to top spot – and the coveted CYOH samurai sword trophy.

While Sawyer got to go home and shave his mighty Movember Mo off with the razor sharp Samurai sword trophy, the losers left winners – with armloads of sick surf goodies from Von Zipper and RVCA.

Grant Beck hooked second spot in the coveted Open Division followed closely by Justin Grey and the Cat in the Hat – Remi Petersen.

Brad Beck (centre) is looking good for the Von Zipper Tache 4 Cash event to be held at Chingada’s on 26 November

Held to raise much needed funds for the Von Zipper Tache 4 Cash cancer initiative, many of the older Mo Bro’s sported such serious facial fuzz that the Village People would have been proud.

Stoked sponsor rep Josh Enslin joked: “some serious Mo’s took to the water that should not be discussed online!.”

Although not a Mo Bro herself, Faye Zoetmulder’s razor sharp surfing was a cut above the rest as she won the women’s event from Robyn van der Merwe and Britney Linder.

Stoked groms, 10 year old Kye Macgregor and 12 year-old Tristan Torr, gave the under 18s a scare when they took on the big boys and came close to causing some serious upsets.

RVCA team and events manager Andrew “Roosta” Lange – nicknamed RVSTA by a witty wag – got okes frothing when he rocked up with some seriously interesting hybrid, booger inspired, sponge boards that were put through their paces in the hard fought expression session.


Although the red hot surfing turned heads, none of it would have happened without the behind the scenes efforts of EP stalwart Shirley Fairall, the judges and supporters – who made a fun day at the beach in support of a very worthy cause, extra special.

Enslin promised a “bigger and better” event next year. Footage of the compo and the expression session will be circulated online soon.


(VonZipper Awards)
Best Manoeuvre – Josh Saunders
Stylish Surfing – Robert Jacobs “Jakes”
Fun Surfing – Hannah Bing

(RVCA Awards)
Hacking – Kris Lynch
Burnt – Scott Lenton
Mad Happening Manouvers – Josh Enslin
Best Judge – Brad Beck

1st – Faye Zoetmulder
2nd – Robyn V.D merve
3rd – Britney Linder

1st – Alex VR
2nd – Dane VG
3rd – Peter Coffey
4th – Tristan Torr

1st – Steve Sawyer
2nd – Grant Beck
3rd – Justin Grey
4th – Remi Petersen

1st – Craig Cuff
2nd – Greg Heasley
3rd – Dave Macgregor
4th – Marlo Torr

Youngest ripping grom – Kye Macgregor

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  1. PE Froth on the Tache
    26 November, 2013 at 7:20 am · Reply

    Just like small wave places -Florida in the US ….the PE crew have gotta regularly clean the Tache from all the frothing.

    CYOH -bunch of Froth a lots

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