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Magnas On The Radar (Billabong Junior Series)

We chat to Boland hotshot Adin Masencamp about the up-coming first event of this year’s Billabong Junior Series.

Adin Masencamp is looking forward to this year’s Billabong Junior Series.

“It’s going to be so sick to be surfing a break right next to the break the pros will be surfing,” says Adin Masencamp of the fact that the Billabong Junior Series presented by BOS will take place at Magnatubes in J-Bay. “And, potentially at the same time…Stoked!”

The first event in the popular junior series will go down at Magnatubes, just up the road from Supers and will, for the first time, have a five-day waiting period (13 – 17 July), so there’s every chance the groms will be chasing their dreams while the world’s elite go at it down the road for the J-Bay Open.

“The buzz is going to be huge in J-Bay,” reckons Adin, who’ll be surfing in the Under 20 Boys division, which carries a WSL 1000 Pro Junior rating. “This contest will most definitely be important for my international profile – surfing against some of the top juniors from around the world will give me a benchmark as to where my surfing is at internationally. It would be great to get a good result and to be noticed on an international level.”

Adin, back at home in the Cape and cracking some lips in preparation.

Adin and the other top Saffa contenders will be up against a number of international surfers, including Aussies Ethan Ewing, Liam O’Brien and Shaun Manners, American supergrom Griffin Colapinto, as well as QS campaigner Seth Moniz from Hawaii.

“I reckon the danger man is Griffin Colapinto, as he is a great contest surfer. It’s going to be interesting to see how our top surfers fare against these big names. Stiff competition is always good – it makes us stronger and pushes us to up our game.”

It’s the first time in as long as most can remember that a junior comp will take place at Magnatubes rather than Lower Point.

“It is a great wave – often over shadowed by the other breaks – but it will offer something a bit different,” says Billabong South Africa Marketing Manager, Chad D’Arcy of the decision. “We’re excited to be hosting a major event at another one of J-Bay’s world class breaks. Magnas offers up a different challenge and packs a bit more punch if the swell is solid. And, the wave changes a lot depending on the tide.”

Magnas cooks. Watch Piet Streicher’s footage from a windy day on Vimeo.

Adin is stoked the comp will be there. “I know Magnas pretty well. I’ve had a bunch of surfs out there and it is one of the most rippable waves on the stretch. It’s a lot faster than Point, where most of the junior events are held, and has a lot of different sections to it with a long wall all the way…you can go to town!”

Having the comp at Magnas will also leave something of a more lasting lasting legacy for the beaches of J-Bay in the form of infrastructure. Billabong is working (via the Supertubes Foundation) with some local contractors to get the car park at Magnas upgraded, and are also redoing the two boardwalk walkways as well as the showers at the beach.

The comp will see the best junior surfers in the country all vying for points and prize money, and while the WSL Under 20 Boys and Girls divisions will no doubt attract the most attention, the other divisions (Under 12 Boys; Under 14 Boys and Girls; Under 16 Boys; Under 16 Girls) all carry PST ratings and will be hotly contested.



  1. Magnas Call
    15 June, 2015 at 6:45 am · Reply

    Good call on Magnas Chad ….it flies under the radar a lot and running parallel with Jbay Open is a +++ situation.

    You can tell the groms are frothing to smash it.

  2. Mouse Billson
    16 July, 2015 at 7:26 am · Reply

    just respect the few locals or pay the price

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