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Let The Good Times Roll (RVCA Rolling Retro 2015)

There’s a cliché that goes something like: the real winner is the person having the most fun. While it’s often something said by parents to make their kids feel better, this philosophy is a premise for the RVCA Rolling Retro surf event, which will be contested once again at Llandudno Beach on 22 February.

Big smiles are never far from dials at Rolling Retro.

Is a winner really important at a retro event? Surfing isn’t all about hardcore competition. In fact, the competitive side of surfing is such a small segment when weighted against the global surf population that the answer is probably no. While there might be a ‘Best Surfer’ prize at the RVCA Rolling Retro, it’s really not about finding a champion, but rather about extracting as much fun from a day at the beach as possible.

Surfing is the core ingredient at Rolling Retro, but there’s so much more going on: surfers in fancy dress costumes, an extended music lineup, as well as a fundraising after-party for the Llandudno Lifesaving Club – which has grown a solid reputation.


Lekker tunes (above) and some sick surfing (below) are just some of the highlights to be expected at the 2015 RVCA Rolling Retro event.


Llandudno is one of the best possible venues in the country for such an event. An elevated viewing area at the Surf Lifesaving Club, a thick and barrelling right in the corner, a few wider wedging rights out front and a couple of lefts coming through now and again down the beach.

And although you can bring along your favourite retro board if you like, VUDU will be supplying an extensive collection for competitors to choose from. For more details about the event check out the official Facebook event page. The event hashtag is #rvcarollingretro.


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