15 September, 2014 15 September, 2014

Kalk Bay Shootout on Yellow Alert for Friday/Saturday


The highly anticipated Kalk Bay Shootout has been placed on yellow alert for Friday 19 September, with Saturday a possibility too. There is plenty of southerly swell on the way according to the charts, so hopefully we’ll get to see some action.


Organisers will be monitoring the conditions closely during the week, and will make a final call when they’re certain there is going to be some big barrels at the Reef. You can follow @kalkbayshootout on Twitter or the Kalk Bay Shootout on Facebook for alerts.

The Kalk Bay Shootout is an invite only event hosted by the Kalk Bay locals to decide who is King of the Reef for another year. In 2013, Rob Hope and Johnny Maritz were crowned champs after a memorable day of charging.

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